Higher Education Procurement: State Regulatory Reform and Institutional Practices to Increase Savings, Value and Quality
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WMVHigher Education Procurement-State Regulatory Reform and Institutional Practices to Increase Savings
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In April 2010 NAEP and AASCU completed a higher education benchmarking study focusing on state and institutional cost containment barriers.

During this session, you will learn how the state regulatory environment is impacting public institutions' procurement operations and opportunities for cost containment through state policy reform. You will also learn about effectiveness institutional policies and practices that lead to cost savings, improved accountability and increased efficiency in the procurement process.  Attendees will gain valuable insights and practical strategies, garnered through a national survey of public college and university procurement officers, on how restructuring state and institutional procurement policies and practices can serve as a valuable source in efforts to reduce costs, enhance value and increase productivity.

Who Should Attend:
No matter where you sit in your organization, if you're looking for best practices for cost containment, this session is for you.
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
May 19, 2011
Seminar Objectives
  • Gain knowledge of the state regulatory impact on efforts to contain costs in institutional procurement, and strategies for positive reform.
  • Identify institutional procurement policies and practices for generating cost savings, enhancing value and improving accountability.
  • Recognize benefits that accrue from procurement reform at the state, system and institutional level.